Loneliness Can Affect the Health of Seniors

If you’re older and lonely, your mental faculties may decline at a quicker rate. That’s the conclusion from new research presented recently at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 2015 in Washington, D.C. In their study, researchers said they discovered that

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The Art of Happy Aging

Aging is not something society tends to view in a particularly positive way most of the time. But aging is a process to be celebrated as much as any other period in the full cycle of life. It is a

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10 Tips for Reducing Stress

Stress may be a fact of life, but you don’t have to let it build until it causes a serious health problem. Here are 10 ways you can reduce stress, whether it results from your job, from caregiving, or from

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Take Medications Correctly!

In the United States, more than 125,000 people die annually from a failure to take medications properly. At least 10 percent of all hospital admissions are a result of this problem. For seniors, the statistics are particularly alarming: • Up

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Stay Healthy in Hot Weather!

Summer Health Tips for Seniors The heat of summer is here, so this is a good time to review some vital safety tips for seniors.  Elderly persons are more prone to the effects of heat and at greater risk for

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Help Feed Seniors in Frederick County!

Did you know that there are more people over the age of 60 in Frederick County Maryland than there are children enrolled in our public schools? The number of elderly persons will continue to grow as the Baby Boomers age—resulting

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