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There’s Much More to Caregiving Than What Meets the Eye

Often, when people hear the word “caregiver,” they think of someone who is going to come in and take charge, run the household, and make them feel like a guest in their own home. In reality, a caregiver can not only help an elderly client to age in place but…

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The Importance of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is essential to maintain mobility and help seniors retain their independence. Physical therapists employ a wide range of techniques to promote mobility, reduce pain, and restore functional movement. They work in a variety of settings and their services generally are covered by health insurance, including Medicare. Physical therapists…

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Get Peace of Mind When Caring for a Loved One Long-Distance

Do you find yourself wondering if your mom is making it to her doctor’s appointments or if your dad is taking his morning medications at the right time? Worrying about whether your parents have all the supplies they need and are safe in their daily environment can cause undue stress…

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Older Drivers and Auto Safety

For many, driving is as much a part of our daily lives as eating. It’s a sign of our independence and gives us the confidence that we can do for ourselves. But what happens when we get older, and we fear that auto safety is an issue? Does this mean…

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Tips to Communicate Effectively with Someone Who Has Dementia

Dementia can be devastating for both those who are experiencing it and the caregivers who are trying to communicate with them. The progression of it varies depending on the individual and the specific diagnosis, and it can become more pronounced over time. Imagine how frustrating it would be to lose…

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