Aging At Home With Technology

Aging at home is often the goal for many older adults. As a child of a senior, you should consider several factors when your parent is going to be aging at home, especially if you can’t physically be with your loved one all the time. With advancements in technology, many techno gadgets can give you peace of mind about your aging loved one. Here are some technology options and products designed to help your senior parent.

Staying Connected with Technology

Loneliness and isolation tend to be an issue for seniors, especially if their mobility is limited. Staying connected to family and friends while aging at home is vitally important to maintain a healthy social life for seniors.

  • Simplified computers: Look for easy-to-use computers and touch-screen capabilities. Try these recommendations.
  • No-contract cell phones: If a senior only uses a cell phone in case of emergencies, a no-contract one might be best. Try these recommendations.
  • Amplified cell phones: These are great for seniors with hearing impairments or who have trouble seeing small screens. Try these recommendations.
  • Video chats: For more tech-savvy seniors, suggest programs that allow you to easily see and speak with others. Try Zoom, WhatsApp, or Apple’s FaceTime.

Maintaining Health and Wellness with Technology

Medication management and health monitoring are two of the most important components of preserving health at home. There are many options for helping seniors do this, such as:

  • Medication reminders: Explore monitored medication management systems that can issue reminders, dispense meds, monitor medication usage, and notify caregivers when doses are missed. Try these recommendations.
  • Pill dispensers: Look into automated pill dispensers that remind users when to take a dose and what amount to take. Try the Live Fine Bluetooth Pill Dispenser or the Monthly Pill Organizer by Ellie
  • Health management: Monitor blood pressure, pulse, and heartbeat, and check your blood glucose levels at home. Try the OMRON Platinum.

Remote Monitoring with Technology

Many families use intercoms or “baby monitors” to keep tabs on elderly loved ones. Today there are more sophisticated systems that can give family members peace of mind.

  • Home monitoring systems: A variety of devices are available to monitor activity within the home through sensors that detect movement. Many allow remote monitoring via a cell phone app. Try Apple Watch Series or the Wyze Cam v3 Pet Camera.
  • Personal emergency response systems: These send an alert to an operator who will call a local rescue squad or family member. Some can detect a fall or other health emergency, even if the individual cannot communicate a need for assistance. Try Medical Guardian, Bay Alarm Medical, or LifeFone.

Options like these can help improve a senior family member’s quality of life and are a great addition to an in-home caregiver who is not there 24/7. More importantly, they can provide invaluable peace of mind for family caregivers.

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