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Essentials for Diabetics

Type 2 diabetes can be a surprising diagnosis for some, as there may not be any symptoms present. Not to worry though, even though the diagnosis can feel overwhelming, living a good life with type 2 diabetes doesn’t have to be hard. Learn to be in charge and take control of blood sugar levels and head towards better health. Let’s talk about the essentials for diabetics and the tools to use to live a healthy life.


Having a good support system is crucial in managing diabetes. It starts with a medical team and reaches into a personal community. When dealing with diabetes, it is essential to stay up on overall health issues. Along with a general practitioner, other medical support can include a(n):

  • Dietitian
  • Pharmacist
  • Endocrinologist
  • Podiatrist
  • Dentist

Other than medical assistance, enlist the help of family members and friends. Having others participate makes it easier to stay focused and on track.

Get moving

A more active lifestyle is good for so many areas of health. Not only will it improve blood sugars, but there will be a difference in blood pressure and overall heart health. Additionally, having a more active lifestyle is a great way to shed some of the unwanted pounds that often go along with a diabetes diagnosis. This is a great place to enlist the help of a friend or loved one for accountability. A workout can be so much fun with a good partner.

Supplies on hand

Having a glucose monitoring kit makes it easy to track blood sugar levels. A useful kit will include a meter, glucose testing strips, lancets and lancing devices. Some like to keep supplies in a carrying case and include alcohol swabs, insulin (if necessary) or pens.

If insulin dependent, the must-haves include syringes or pens, needles, a sharps container and glucose tablets in the event of low blood sugar levels. Preparation is vital in the life of a diabetic and can be proactive in preventing an emergency from being critical.

Concentrate on food

It’s important to remember that diabetes doesn’t mean a diet utterly void of sweets and treats. With a focused eating plan and proper planning, desserts are acceptable on occasion. Everyday Health shares tips on stocking the pantry as a person with diabetes. Of course, it’s always wise to seek advice from a dietician on where to focus your efforts to gain the highest results.

Another benefit of a balanced and proper diet is that weight will likely be lost. Shedding 5-10% of body weight can help improve blood glucose numbers, according to Hopkins Medicine. Doing so will make significant improvements in overall health.

While hearing a diagnosis of diabetes can be scary, also know that it is manageable. Enlist the help of family and friends and use the knowledge of medical staff to gain control over a healthy lifestyle. Balance food with exercise and medication, if necessary. Remember to take control of any weight issues by starting with a reduction of 5-10% and the path to a healthier lifestyle is easier to navigate.

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