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3 Professionals That Need an In-home Care Company on Their Side

In home care worker and elderly man

At Shepherd’s Staff, our mission is to assemble a staff of superior caregivers who would shepherd, or take care of, our clients. We believe that to do this, our help must extend beyond our caregivers. Effective care of the elderly requires a comprehensive network of professionals who hold the same values. That’s why we choose to align ourselves with these professionals and expedite complete care plans for our clients. We believe that it is imperative for these professionals to have an in-home care company on their side.

Home healthcare agencies

In our recent blog, The Different Levels of In-Home Care, we defined companion care and in-home care, which are two levels of care we provide. These levels of care are distinct from home healthcare, making a home healthcare agency a great partner for us. Our services don’t overlap services, but rather complement each other. Home health visits tend to be brief and highly focused on a particular goal or skill.  Our caregivers can stay for several hours and can help with follow-up activities and exercises. This is a win-win-win as the client receives both medical and nonmedical services. Both the in-home care and the home healthcare agency are used to the fullest capacity.

Geriatric care manager

When geriatric care managers take the time to network with in-home care agencies, they’re able to fully see the culture and level of care of each company. This allows them to be able to match their clients with the company that will not only fit their needs the best but that is also a good personality fit. With a strong network, you can take pride in knowing that you are arranging the best care for your client while helping them regain or sustain their independence.

Social workers

Knowing that a patient will be in caring hands after their discharge is worth its weight in gold. Therefore, having a reputable in-home care company in your network is critical. Social workers, of all professionals, know that the experience a patient has after discharge often times plays a large role in how well they recover. An in-home care company aligned with your values as well as the clients need and values is critical when partnering with an in-home care company. So, it’s vital to develop a strong relationship with an in-home care company so that your patients can have the best recovery possible.

Relationships between these professionals and in-home care companies are essential. At Shepherd’s Staff In-home Care, we envision a world in which seniors age gracefully, socialize regularly, and live comfortably. We want to make a positive difference in the aging experience. We believe that our relationship with other professionals will assist in achieving this vision. To learn more about what a strategic partnership would look like with Shepherd’s Staff In-Home Care, please contact us.

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