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7 Winter Activities for Seniors

Are you feeling a little blue about the winter season? Maybe you’re not fond of the colder temperatures or there aren’t as many outdoor activities to do. No matter the reason, there are plenty of winter activities to brighten your days!  

It’s no secret that staying active helps keep our minds stimulated. The more you stay active, both physically and mentally, the more likely you are to slow down the onset or progression of memory impairment and other cognitive-related issues. Therefore, to help keep you active, we share several winter activities that you can do below:

  1. Holiday wreaths – Everyone loves a good holiday wreath. The great thing about them is that they can be made from all kinds of materials, some of which you won’t even have to buy or can buy from the dollar store. From old Christmas bulbs to greenery from the yard, you make can a wreath themed for any season or holiday. So grab the glue gun and start crafting! 
  2. Holiday greeting cards – Have you ever received a hand-made holiday card? There’s just something special about them! Making holiday cards is a great way to keep your mind stimulated and warm someone’s heart. 
  3. Snow globes – Do you remember the joy on your face when you shook a snow globe as a kid? Bring back that same joy, or even gift it to someone else. You can make them as simple or complex as you’d like. PBS shares easy-to-follow directions on how to construct homemade snowglobes
  4. Winter flower arrangements – Do you have a large dining room table that your family gathers at for a holiday dinner? Consider sprucing it up with a homemade winter flower arrangement. Some great flowers to use during this time of year are red roses, parrot tulips, alstroemeria, and juniper. You can always add some birch branches or evergreens to give them a more wintery feel. 
  5. Holiday treats – Outside of the traditional holiday cookies, there are so many other tasty treats that you can make for a family gathering or even for gifts. Peppermint bark, snowman Oreo balls, Christmas pretzel M&M hugs, and hot chocolate bombs are all popular treats for this time of year. 
  6. A snowman box – Have you ever received a box full of ingredients to bake a cake or make a certain beverage? People love them! One easy gift box to create is one that looks like a snowman and is filled with the ingredients to make hot chocolate, like the cocoa mix, marshmallows, and even peppermint sticks. Don’t want to do a box? You can put the ingredients in jars, too, and stack them to make a snowman!
  7. Bird feeders for the spring – As the holidays pass, we’ll all start thinking about spring. What’s better than preparing yourself to attract some beautiful birds to your porch or deck!? Bird feeders are easy to make and you can paint them to look however you’d like.

No matter what winter activity you decide to do, they’re all great for your mind. They’re even better when you do them with a companion like those we provide at Shepherd’s Staff In-home Care. Not only do you get mental stimulation from the activity itself, but you’ll get socialization as well!

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