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The Importance of Improving Self Care While Safe at Home

Are you a retiree that likes to spend most of your time mingling with friends, volunteering outside of the house, or traveling with your friends and family? If so, you’re probably feeling like your world has been flipped upside down with all that’s going on with COVID-19. Not being able to be close to people or travel can not only have a big impact on your day-to-day activities but also on your mental health. That’s why it’s so important to improve your self care routine while you are remaining safe in your home. We have several ways for you to do that!

Eat well

When you’re sitting at home, it’s easy to stockpile all of your favorite foods and just sit and eat. During times like these, we eat because we’re hungry, we eat because we’re bored, we eat because we’re sitting on the couch watching TV. We pretty much can find any time to eat which isn’t good, especially if we’re being sedentary. Be sure that you are being mindful of when you’re eating and what you’re eating. It’s important to make sure that you’re getting in your fruits and vegetables and that you’re staying hydrated. If you can, get fresh fruits and veggies. Maybe consider having a neighbor or one of your children run to the store for you. If fresh isn’t an option, frozen vegetables are also good. 


When you’re sitting in the house watching TV, consider sitting on the floor and stretching if you’re physically able to. This is a good way to reduce and release stress in your body. Some other great indoor exercises are: 

  1. Using soup cans to curl or push above your head.
  2. Sitting on a chair and doing leg lifts.
  3. Holding yourself against a wall and doing calf raises.

You may also want to consider going outside and walking around the neighborhood or a local park. Be sure to make sure the park is still open as many parks have been closed for public safety. Also, make sure you limit what you touch outside as COVID-19 can stay on surfaces for several hours

Protect Your Mental Health

In uncertain times, stress is sure to be more prevalent than normal. Therefore, now more than ever, it’s important that your self-care has mental components as well. If you don’t already, you may want to add daily meditation to your routine. Taking time to be still is a great way to be aware of how you are feeling. You can also do specific mediations around gratitude, health, and many other topics. There are several meditation apps that can guide you through meditations that fit your needs. 

Now is also a good time to increase your spiritual practices. No matter what you consider a higher power, it’s good to do activities that connect you with it. Whether that is reading, praying, or something else, getting connected with something bigger than yourself can help you not feel so alone and more grounded during difficult times. Lastly, just getting outside and breathing in the fresh air while you read or meditate is a great way to reduce stress. 

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