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8 Healthful Meals Using Non-Perishable Ingredients

Are you a whiz with a whisk? Whether you enjoy cooking or not, the stay-at-home order has pushed many people to be creative in the kitchen. Therefore, we’re sharing a handful of healthful meals, that don’t require fresh ingredients, to keep you energized and satisfied throughout your day.


  1. These Country Breakfast Bowls from Budget Bytes use potatoes and salsa to turn your ordinary egg breakfast into something special. Potatoes can be stored for several months, and most unopened jars of salsa have a shelf life of 12-18 months. You can even make them in bulk and enjoy them over a period of several days, or freeze them in individual servings and reheat them in the microwave! Look for a salsa that is low in sugar and sodium, like this one.
  1. Overnight oatmeal is a great pantry-staple breakfast that you prep the night before. This blog post breaks down the many ways to transform something as simple as oats into a scrumptious start to your day. Or, if you want a breakfast dish that you can make once and enjoy all week, try this blueberry baked oatmeal dish.


When meal-planning for lunches that will use pantry staples, you can’t beat the classic pairing of soup and sandwiches. Here are some ideas using low-sodium store-bought soups:

  1. Lentil soup with ½ of a black bean burger
  2. Low sodium roasted red pepper and tomato soup with grilled cheese
  3. Italian vegetable and bean soup with ham and cheese melt

Take your lunch on the patio and pretend you’re eating al fresco at a café!

Healthful Dinners

End the day on a high note by mastering a new-to-you recipe!

  1. If you’re looking for a dinner recipe that doesn’t require a single thing from the fridge, try this three-bean chili (and omit the chipotle in adobo if you’re not a fan of spice).
  2. Or, grab a can of tuna, a box of pasta, and some peas to whip up this creamy tuna pasta dish.
  3. We also love this simple red curry chickpeas and rice meal. You can use white or brown rice or even cauliflower rice!

One of the best ways to get out of a cooking rut is to let go of convention and let loose! You might be surprised by what delicious healthful meals you can create out of humble ingredients. Don’t give up on fresh produce entirely, though! Look for fruits and veggies that store well in the fridge or on the counter, such as spinach, cabbage, squash, and onions. 

Bon Appetit! 

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