YouTube Channels For Seniors

5 Safe and Fun YouTube Channels For Seniors

When was the last time you listened to music from your teen years, learned a new language, or toured an international city? You can do all of those things — and more — on YouTube! There are countless safe and fun YouTube channels for seniors to enjoy.

But, the internet can be a daunting place. Ask a caregiver or loved one to show you how to safely navigate YouTube by bookmarking your favorite channels and explaining how the platform works. General rules of thumb for safe browsing include: use specific search terms, don’t get involved in the comment section, and flag any inappropriate video you might come across. Never provide your personal information to anyone you “meet” online, and don’t click on advertisements! In fact, it might be worth investing in YouTube premium, which allows you to watch videos ad-free.

Are you ready to check out some safe and fun YouTube channels? Here are 5 we think you might enjoy:

Prowalk Tours

Want to escape your living room and feel as though you’re transplanted into a bustling city or historic ruins? Prowalk Tours offers virtual guided tours through towns and cities throughout Italy. Some of the tours are narrated, while others are a quiet experience that make you feel like you’re truly there in person. You can experience the ruins of Pompeii, the stunning drive along the Amalfi Coast, or a traditional fish market in Venice

Oldies Station

Put your dancing shoes on and get ready to boogie — OldiesStation has tons of great songs from decades past. This sixties playlist is sure to make your hips start swinging with hits such as “I’m Into Something Good” and “I Got You Babe.” 

The Carol Burnett Show

Who doesn’t love Carol? You’re in for a real treat — clips from The Carol Burnett Show is on YouTube! Remember “The Dentist” skit where the dentist accidentally injects himself with novocaine? You’ll get a kick out of  “The Toilet Tissue” skit where Carol’s family leaves her because they don’t like the brand of toilet paper she buys. Watch them with a box of tissues — you might just laugh so hard you cry!

Learn French With Alexa

Don’t believe the myth that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. You’re never too old to learn a new language! If learning French is on your bucket list, check out Learn French With Alexa. Alexa is an engaging and fun teacher who will charm you while you learn! Start here for the first of 56 teaching videos, all of which are only 5-15 minutes long! 


Have you heard of the documentary Cyber-Seniors? It followed the lives of senior citizens who wanted help navigating the digital world. The YouTube channel CyberSeniors contains clips from the documentary as well as 22 tutorials on everything from how to set up a Facebook account to how to order groceries online. (And if you want to watch the film, you can rent it from Amazon here.)

We hope you have a blast watching these channels, whether you’re fixing up an Aperol Spritz before taking a virtual tour of Rome, or creating a dance floor in your living room before turning on some oldies! 

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