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Our Caregivers

Our Caregivers: Carefully Chosen and Highly Trained

Shepherd’s Staff In-home Care is devoted to providing our clients with best caregivers in the industry. To achieve this, we hire strong candidates and train them carefully. We perform criminal background checks, drug tests, and a driving record review, and we obtain four to six positive references from personal and professional associates. Successful candidates receive six hours of caregiver training and orientation and then go on to complete our exclusive Certified Companion Aide® program, which boosts their skills and instills in them the highest standards of caregiver professionalism.

In addition, many of our caregivers attain certification and additional educational development through our affiliation with the Institute for Professional Care Education (IPCed), a national training and certification company for the caregiving professions. IPCed offers certification programs through which our caregivers:

  • Develop advanced skills in providing care
  • Understand issues like elder abuse and how to detect or prevent it
  • Recognize the value of their observation and reporting skills in keeping their clients out of emergency care and hospitals

We provide these nationally recognized certification programs to our staff in order to offer our families peace of mind when using our services to assist with a loved one’s care. Certification courses also provide a way for our caregivers to increase their skills and grow professionally, thus developing their confidence and ensuring that can handle whatever comes their way.

Certification programs include, among others:

  • Core Caregiver Certification
  • Dementia Care Certification
  • Diabetes Care Certification
  • Parkinsons Care Certification

We believe every client deserves exceptional care! Shepherd’s Staff In-home Care can provide your elderly loved one with a dedicated, committed caregiver who will go the extra mile. Call us for a free in-home assessment.

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Client Testimonial
Our current caregiver is very caring! In fact, I sometimes feel like she is treating my mother as if she were her own mother! I was there this morning and they were sitting side by side on the sofa, no television on, just talking! This was very impressive!
— J.M.


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