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6 Helpful Apps for Seniors

Do you feel behind the times when it comes to using your phone? It’s never too late to start taking advantage of the technology you can access literally at your fingertips! Your phone and tablet can be used for everything from finding the least expensive medications to testing your problem-solving skills and more! Check out these 6 helpful apps for seniors:

  1. GOODRx

If you’re in the habit of visiting the same neighborhood pharmacy for all of your meds, it’s time to check out GoodRx! This free app lets you know where to find the lowest price for your medications. You can even save your prescriptions to the app to receive notifications on the latest savings alerts. All you have to do is show the coupon from the app to your pharmacist, and you’re on your way to major savings!

To download: click here for Apple, here for Android

  1. Medisafe

Now that you’ve learned how to save on prescriptions, you need a handy spot to keep track of your medications. Medisafe is a pill reminder and medication management app that makes it simple to safely consume your medications. You’ll be notified when it’s time to take a pill, and a quick tap on your phone will keep a record of which medications you’ve taken throughout the day. The app will also inform you if any of your meds have negative interactions, so you can take your pills with confidence. There’s even a function to share your pill management with your caregiver or family members! 

To download: click here for Apple, here for Android

  1. Lumosity: Brain Training

You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again: keeping your brain sharp helps prevent cognitive decline. The app Lumosity: Brian Training is a fun way to test your speed, memory, attention, problem-solving skills, and flexibility. The app will let you select what skills you’d like to specifically work on, and then you take a short test to help them tailor a training program specifically for you. If you enjoy testing your knowledge, this app is a great option for you. It’s both fun and challenging, and the perfect app to open up when you’re waiting at a doctor’s office or sitting down with your morning cup of tea.

To download: click here for Apple, here for Android

  1. AARP

Stay up-to-date on your AARP membership through the app AARP Now. You can browse news stories, check out discounts, and register for nearby events. They also have a publications app for your tablet, which allows you to conveniently browse AARP The Magazine and AARP The Bulletin all in one place.

To download: click here for Apple, here for Android

  1. Magnifying Glass + Flashlight

With this app, you have a magnifying glass and flashlight in reach at all times! Use it to read restaurant menus, bottles of medicine, serial numbers, and more. You can even take pictures of your zoomed-in target to save for later use. 

To download: click here for Apple, here for Android

  1. Old Time Radio Player 

Do your spirits need lifting? It is so important that you take care of your mental health. One great way to brighten your mood is to give yourself the gift of a walk down memory lane! The Old Time Radio Player app provides access to radio shores of yore — from comedy sketches to mysteries to dramas. The show list is endless, and includes hits such as Abbott And Costello, CBS Radio Mystery Theater, Dick Tracy, Father Knows Best, Lone Ranger, and Perry Mason. Grab some popcorn, settle into your armchair, and hit play!

To download: click here for Apple, here for Android

Which app are you most excited to download? 

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