Customers reviews

Here’s what our clients are saying!

I couldn’t get along without Shepherd’s Staff In-home Care and I have recommended them to others. They’re very good at what they do and are caring people. They don’t seem to be in it for the money. They have a higher calling than that.
Jerry M.
July 2017
Shepherd’s Staff In-home Care us just very caring and available. They came right out and introduced themselves to my husband and me. They talked to him to find the best person that he would enjoy having here. The caregiver really cared, would talk to me, and would try to find things for my husband to do to him him more stimulated.
Joanne L.
July 2017
I don’t see how Shepherd’s Staff can get much better. They are very attentive to detail. They keep track of activities they do with the clients. The people they hire tend to be pretty responsible and caring. If something unexpected happens, I get a call about it.
Rick G.
March 2017
My wife had lung cancer, and the caregiver that Shepherd’s Staff sent was the best person that ever matched with my wife. It was almost like having a granddaughter.
Orley B.
Feburary 2017
I have used Shepherd’s Staff twice and would use them again, I would tell people that they were efficient, caring, and good at letting me know who was coming to help me.
Catherine M.
December 2016
My friends envy me because of my caregiver from Shepherd’s Staff.
Bess T.
July 2016
I love the consistency and good work ethics of Shepherds Staff employees, I would recommend them to anyone.
Judy S.
June 2016
The people that Shepherd’s Staff In-home Care hires are checked out very well. I can trust the caregivers in my home and I have complete confidence in the staff.
John K.
January 2016
I would recommend the services because they are courteous, reliable and highly skilled at doing all that they are required to do.
Mary G.
February 2014
Shepherd’s Staff In-home Care has caregivers with integrity. They will do what they say they will do! They pay attention to their clients!
Jan T.
April 2014
Shepherd’s Staff In-home Care is very professional and incredibly compassionate! The caregiver, Becky, loves what she is doing!
Alice A.
May 2014